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Course Admission and Completion Criteria



Course Administration, Program and Information

An orientation programme will be conducted for all new students and shall cover the following:

  • Details of support programs
  • Student’s pass information
  • Information on various accommodation options for students( if any)
  • Student grievance procedures
  • Details of the procedures and any implications of student’s withdrawal from course, non-attendance, termination of course
  • Refunds policy
  • Details of the protection of the students’ tuition fees under the Student Tuition Fee Insurance endorsed by the EDUTRUST

The Student Handbook will be used as the main source of information during the Orientation.

In the event where any information is changed, we ensure that the students are promptly notified through practical modes (phone, email, fax, post) and sufficient time is given to students to prepare for these changes.

Attendance of Classes Allocated

Students must attend all scheduled classes with the attendance taken, at least 75 %( local students)/90 %( international students) attendance rate for the course. Students are not allowed to take the attendance on behalf of their classmate(s).

Students will be marked Absent if they do not have a medical Certificate (MC) or do not gain permission from the training centre to miss the lesson.

The training centre is obliged to report to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) on any foreign student who:

  • Fails to attend classes for a continuous period of 7 days or more without a valid reason
  • Percentage attendance in any month of the course is lower than 90% for no valid reason.


We have qualified teachers to provide instruction and training to our students in the various dance modules and subjects. The teacher-to-student ratio is 1:30.

Mode of Delivery

Classes will be conducted in Dance Studios within the school, through practical sessions and classrooms demonstration.


Scheduled holidays (public and school) and/or semester/term break for course

Depending on the student’s entry into the course.


Examination and/or other assessment period

  • Students entering the course would have to go through an initial assessment and a final assessment within the term (6 months).
  • Final assessment comprises of classroom assessment by teachers (20%), attendance (10%) and an overall assessment (70%) by the teachers and academic/exam board representative for the student’s graduation performance.
  • The graduation performance is conducted every half a year in June & December.  Exams come in the form of a graduation performance for modules such as: Salsa; Argentine Tango; Jazz; Hip Hop; Cabaret; Lumbia; Jazroc; Rumba; Act; Sing; Model, etc.  Other modules will be assessed in classes in a final assessment at the end of term.
  • Students must obtain a pass for all modules and must have paid all their school fees in order to graduate from the course.



Expected examination results release date

Three Months after the exam period.




  • Request for appeals must be made in writing and submitted together with supporting documents to the school.
  • Appeals for review of examination results and/or awards must be submitted within three (3) days from the date of the notification of examination results. A non-refundable fee of S$10(inclusive of GST) is charged for the review of each examination module.
  • The examination board will review the module, keeping in mind the integrity of the examination process and grading standard. The final decisions for the appeal must be endorsed by the examination board before the appeal results are released to the students.
  • Appeal results will be released within 4 weeks from the date of appeal.





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