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AUQE Dance

1.1   School History

Established in 2010, it is an education institution that provides training in various dance courses, ranging from individual dances like ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip hop to popular partnerwork dances such as salsa, latin ballroom, argentine tango.  We offer these training to dancers of all levels to provide them with a strong foundation and exposure, for possible career opportunities in the dance industry.

1.2   Vision, Mission and Values


To Become a Leading Education Centre globally in this current era and be known and admired for our diversity and for the transformative impact we have on the lives of our students and on the communities we serve.


We aim to impart to our students the latest knowledge and practical experience to help them excel in their endeavours and are committed to deliver good quality education through constant research and development.

Values and Culture Statement

Our culture highlights the principles and values that we cherish: it defines who we are.  As a group, we are committed to these philosophies in the growth of our school for the future, in the pursuit for creative and innovative ways to perfect our trade and better our technology, in our quest for good customer service and strong customer relations, and to excel in all that we do.

Honesty, Sincerity and Integrity

Honesty, sincerity and integrity are our guiding principles.  We face the world as upright, sincere and honest people who care for our customers, investors, partners, staff and people.  We seek to maintain high ethical standards in all of our relationships and operations through open communication, trust, professionalism, and a collaborative spirit. We recognize the inherent value and promise of each individual and welcome all who seek transform their lives.


We are where we are today because we are receptive to new ideas and embrace change and opportunities as avenues to grow.  Be creative.  Innovate.  Let solutions start with you.  Take personal responsibility for seeking a better way or achieving a higher quality.

Knowledge and Skills

Knowledge and skills quickly become old and redundant in our fast-changing world.  To keep our edge, we must become perpetual students.  Be humble and thirsty in learning.  Share what you have learnt. We believe that training our people is the key to successful careers.

Customer Service

A strong relationship with our customers makes them happy and keeps us in the business.  Listen to our customers; ask them what they want; know them on a personal basis so that we can anticipate and exceed their interests and expectations; ask them how we are doing.  If we don’t meet their needs, someone else will.

Positive Attitude and Excellence

We adopt a positive “can-do” attitude that empowers us in our daily tasks, from small to big.  A negative outlook tarnishes self-confidence and wastes precious energy.  A positive outlook and lifestyle is a choice we make as individuals and this is our foundation for success.

Take Pride

The school, without its people is an empty shell.  What the school is today is a result of each individual’s unique efforts, talents and expertise fused together.  You make a difference.  Be proud of what you do.

Corporate Citizenship

Be involved. A good corporate citizen doesn’t just stand on the side and observe.  We can all contribute from different perspectives due to our different backgrounds.  Being a valued member of a community means taking initiative and giving something back to it.

Care about Others

Strong teams are built on personal relationships and genuine caring for each other.  We are a family.  Ask the welfare of co-workers; listen to their response. Clear communication and a sense of teamwork is critical in a competitive environment. We can spur each other on.  Our commitment to our culture and to our people is key to success.



1.3   Location and Premises

Address:                     Blk 163 #04-3575, Bukit Merah Central, Singapore 150163
Contact:                     81577733

Operation Hours
Monday to Sunday      11.15am to 11.15pm

School Facilities

  1. IT infrastructure (wireless internet)
  2. Air-Conditioning System
  3. Electrical System (Lighting)
  4. Electrical System (Music Consoles)
  5. Reception/Registration Area
  6. Printing & Photocopy facilities
  7. Dance Studio (A total of 2 studio areas of 200 sqm & 61 sqm with flooring and mirrors, where the former can be further divided into 6 studios with movable mirror partitions)
  8. Special Area (Gym/fitness area)
  9. Pantry
  10. Two toilets(male/female)
  11. Boutique for dance wear and shoes




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